Aftermath: Freedom Exchange (Paperback)


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In the wake of a catastrophic event involving the sun that will forever affect the entire world, tyrannical opportunists seize the chance to drain the world’s people of their rights and freedoms in exchange for perceived safety. Armed with a fragment of information that was nothing less than stumbled upon, will two unlikely heroes be enough to begin turning the tides of power? Fighting for the lives they never knew they wanted against an extremely capable and insurmountable force, Justin and Katie risk everything as they take a leap of faith with a team that seems to be doing the right things for the right reasons. With the clock ticking on the world’s vitality, will Justin and Katie find that they are on the right side of history… or what’s left of it?


About The Author:

KC Behr loves stories! One of his favorite things is listening to all the wonderful tales that human creativity and ingenuity have created throughout history whether they be historical, completely fiction or anywhere in between. If someone has a story to tell, KC will usually be one of the first to line up and listen; he’s convinced that there’s something to be learned from each story and the person telling it… even though sometimes it’s what not to do or be, but you get the idea. KC is one of the most eclectic people you will ever meet: he enjoys anything from reading and writing books to intense gym workouts, rock climbing and, you guessed it, getting his butt kicked at his home Krav Maga self-defense establishment in Layton, Utah.

Along with being a major advocate for individuals arming themselves and learning to defend their lives and those they care about by continually equipping themselves with more knowledge, training and skills, KC is a health enthusiast and a personal trainer. He is very passionate about helping people reach their goals and dreams, physical or otherwise, so they, as a result, can turn around and change their world and the world around them for good. KC has a soft spot for kids, dogs and his dreams that may or may not be larger than life. Oh! And chocolate chip cookies… can’t forget about those.

KC also has the sometimes seemingly misplaced affinity for music and theatre! He thoroughly enjoys playing instruments, creating music, singing and listening to the magical story telling ability of the world of music. One of his many hobbies is performing in the musical theatre. Most of all, KC loves his God, his people and his country, rights, liberties and freedoms that are afforded him by the brave men and women who have sacrificed everything to make and keep the United States of America free throughout the ages! His prayer is the same as Francis Scott Key’s: “…the Star Spangled Banner, oh long may it wave, o’er the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!” KC loves hearing from his readers! You can reach him at

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