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Our mission is to provide conservative, alternative literary entertainment for the general population and to help instill the importance of protecting and fighting for our freedoms in future generations, to future generations and for future generations.


Aftermath: Freedom Exchange

A Gritty and Honest Take

Book 1

In the wake of a catastrophic event involving the sun that will forever affect the entire world, tyrannical opportunists seize the chance to drain the world’s people of their rights and freedoms in exchange for perceived safety.

Unapologetically Conservative

Featuring amazing artistic writings from KC Behr, Aftermath equips two unlikely heroes with a small fragment of information in this engaging novel.


An Action Packed Thrill Ride

Fighting for the lives they never knew they wanted against an extremely capable and insurmountable force, Justin and Katie risk everything as they take a leap of faith with a team that seems to be doing the right things for the right reasons.

A gripping story on every page

With the clock ticking on the world’s vitality, will Justin and Katie find that they are on the right side of history… or what’s left of it?

Profound and Thought Provoking

Book 2 Aftermath: Genocide Project Coming Soon!

Spoiler alert!

Having narrowly survived a deadly attack on a life threatening mission, Justin, Katie and other Sentinels continue on their mission to save the world from its devastating fate. With new knowledge of additional threats, the Sentinels are more aware than ever of the Leviathans' power over the Earth and the people on it. Assistance is vital to success, but with all the new faces, who will be friend, and who will be foe?

The Saga Continues…

With Aftermath: Freedom Exchange taking both local and national readers by storm, book two in the Aftermath trilogy promises to be a smash hit.

About KC Behr

Why Write from a Conservative perspective?

History, Family, and Balance

The birth of Aftermath is a really funny story in and of itself. KC started Aftermath his senior year of high school as a means to escape his English teacher’s dreaded end of year final by participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month in November). KC continued writing years later because his little brother enjoyed the story so much and begged to read the rest. He is finishing the tale because he is passionate and understands how important it is to provide literary entertainment that adds value to people’s lives, helps them become better even through fiction and gives them a little shove to ensure they stay free!

Conservative Writing

Support the author with official merchandise and books sold directly from my home. 

Conservative Writing

Support the author with official merchandise and books sold directly from my home. 

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