Hi I'm KC!

You know me as an author...

But everyone else knows me as

a Rock Climber a Gym Rat a Theatre Lover a Musician a Personal Trainer

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Hi I'm KC!

Nice to meet you! Here’s a bit about me:

KC Behr loves stories! One of his favorite things is listening to all the wonderful tales that human creativity and ingenuity have created throughout history whether they be historical, completely fiction or anywhere in between. If someone has a story to tell, KC will usually be one of the first to line up and listen; he’s convinced that there’s something to be learned from each story and the person telling it… even though sometimes it’s what not to do or be, but you get the idea.

Passion for Adventure

I really do enjoy just about everything. From reading and writing books to intense gym workouts, and rock climbing I have an affinity for adventure that crosses over into my writing.

Self Defense and Personal Trainer

As a health enthusiast and personal trainer, I frequently am getting my butt kicked at my home Krav Maga self-defense establishment in Layton, Utah.

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My Passions and Values

My God, My Country, and my Freedoms.

Along with being a major advocate for individuals arming themselves and learning to defend their lives and those they care about by continually equipping themselves with more knowledge, training and skills, KC is a health enthusiast and a personal trainer. He is very passionate about helping people reach their goals and dreams, physical or otherwise, so they, as a result, can turn around and change their world and the world around them for good.

Other passions

KC also has the sometimes seemingly misplaced affinity for music and theatre! He thoroughly enjoys playing instruments, creating music, singing, and listening to the magical storytelling ability of the world of music. One of his many hobbies is performing in the musical theatre!

KC Behr never aspired to be an author. In fact, he never even thought becoming an author was possible for him. KC struggled with dyslexia from a very young age. He struggled to simply read, not to mention write comprehensively! However, KC has always loved listening to, creating and telling stories. KC stands as a living, breathing testament that even seemingly insurmountable challenges and weaknesses can indeed become strengths! He encourages everyone to never quit on their dreams just because they seem impossible right now!


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Susan B.

Fantastic book! Well written storyline that will draw you in until you see and know each character, feeling the wins and losses with them. This book is not only an enjoyable and engaging read, there are also great lessons involved! There is something for everyone, no matter the age. This is a must read! Can't wait for number 2!

Kinsie S.

Amazing book!! Best book I've ever read, and I'm an avid reader! The storyline is flawless! The characters are relatable! And the writing is phenomenal!! 10/10 would recomment to all teens and adults!!

Kyler J.

This is an amazing book! The characters are awesome, the story is authentic and in depth, and the fight scenes are the best I've ever read!

Kevin H.

Completely enjoyable read, I loved it and yes I read the WHOLE book. I learned a long time ago from reading Gerald Lund's books that the notes have more to teach most of the time than the book!

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